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Delivering Food, Justice, and Kindness.  

Bondadosa is reinventing the food ecosystem to make it more just, sustainable, and kind.

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Bondadosa is dedicated to the radical reinvention of the food ecosystem as we know it. That means that our primary service is to create solutions that improve impact on food access and food justice while keeping operational and environmental sustainability at the forefront. Over the past 5 years, we've piloted projects to increase access to healthy food for WIC families. During the pandemic, we helped to create and launch programs that provided more than 10million meals to students and other community members in need across the front range. We continue to innovate with our partners at the local, state and federal level to modernize these programs and ensure we're building a more resilient local supply & value chain.

Bondadosa is a dynamic solutions-oriented team that is sharpening its skills in logistics, technology, and community outreach to co-create change in the food system. We believe in a future of serving more than 300,000 households across the state -- and it will take the support of networks like FIC to bring that to fruition. 

Bondadosa began in the northeast areas of GES / Cole / Park Hill; our warehouse space is in Montbello and we currently serve the entire Denver Metro area, as well as satellites across the front range.

Partnership with FIC has supported Bondadosa's infrastructure, through funding over the past 4 years, to ensure we can reach our customers all across the metro area, improving ease and efficiency of service to thousands of community members. We look forward to engaging in more technical assistance, storytelling and coalition building to keep this network strong and effective.

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Phone: 720.699.9978

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