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Village Exchange Center

Empowering Community Through Exchange: Celebrating religious and cultural diversity

The Village Exchange Center is a community center and multi-faith worship space that celebrates religious and cultural diversity by creating an inclusive environment where residents from all backgrounds can practice, interact, share, and develop together. We seek to assist the immigrant and refugee population to feel empowered to use their existing strengths and unique perspectives to enrich the city’s diverse and inclusive community.

Our Story:

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We believe that food and farming can be vehicles for social change. The Village Farm increases access to fresh and culturally-relevant produce while serving as a gathering space for cultural exchange, education, and celebration. The Farm transcends socio-economic, geographic, and cultural differences to connect diverse communities to each other and the natural environment while promoting food security for low-income immigrants and refugees in northwest Aurora.

Our partnership with FIC has been very impactful in many ways. We have received funding from them for the work we lead doing systems change. Through their NWAEC coalition we have been able to network and do strategic collaborations. We have also received TA from them and attended their workshops including a story telling workshop and a current community o practice on Anti-Racist Evaluation. 

Let's Connect: 

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